House of Herps – The 1st Anniversary Edition

The very first edition of House of Herps was hosted last December, right here at the home site. This first year has enjoyed steady participation, with 52 contributors sharing their pictures, experiences and knowledge about this diverse group of animals. It has been a fun and rewarding experience to help bring it all together, and we look forward to another year of HoH!

This 1st Anniversary Edition of HoH is punctuated with a brand new look for the home site, and two new badges:

This badge was made with the help of Ted MacRae’s  photo of a beautiful Timber Rattler (Crotalus horridus). Ted blogs at Beetles in the Bush, and is the creator of An Inordinate Fondness (AIF), a carnival dedicated to Beetles.

This badge is a mini version of the new header, featuring an American Alligator (Alligator mississippiensis).

The makeover of the home site …

House of Herps #8: The Reverse Constellation Edition

Welcome to House of Herps #8, July, 2010!

Our host for this edition had a last minute change to her schedule, so the challenge of presenting this month’s contributions in a new and interesting manner has come my way.  Having very recently spent a week playing with my 9yr-old niece (who visits every summer), my thoughts gradually turned to our visit to the planetarium.

During the planetarium show, I was reminded of how many constellations have been named for animals, and herps – real and imagined – are well represented among them. To wit:

The Dragon stuck in my mind, as I considered how many constellations must have taken a great deal of imagination …

House of Herps #7 – Dr. Seuss Edition

That Sam-I-Am!
That Sam-I-Am!
I do like that Sam-I-Am.

Find herps galore, that’s what he can.
That’s why I like that Sam-I-Am.

Do you like amphibians?

I do.
I do.
I really like amphibians.
But where are they, Sam-I-Am?
Where are the amphibians?

Over here, said Sam-I-Am.
And over here.
And over there.
You can find them everywhere.
You can find them if you care.

Say! I like all those amphibians.
I do! I like them, Sam-I-Am.
I would like them in the rain.
I would like them on a train.
I would like them here and there.
I would like them anywhere.

But what of snakes, Sam-I-Am?
Are they just like amphibians?
Easy to find and easy to see?
From on the ground or in a tree?

Snakes are here.
Snakes are there.
Silly man for asking where!
To find some …

House of Herps #1

Welcome to the first edition of House of Herps, the new monthly blog carnival dedicated to celebrating amphibian and reptilian wildlife and conservation.

We are truly humbled and honored to have received such a great response from our fellow nature bloggers. If I have learned anything from reading the posts submitted from HoH #1′s 21 contributors, I have learned that this bunch will most likely appreciate a little irreverent humor to start us off. (if you don’t like irreverent humor, just skip the video!)

The response to the announcement of House of Herps has been tremendous, and we are delighted to bring you a fabulous collection of contributions from herp enthusiasts all around the web. In fact, we like to think of each contribution as a gift. In this season of merriment and good cheer, we decided to gift-wrap each present from our contributors. To open each present, simply …