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HoH Edition Intro

February is a harsh time of year for our cold-blooded friends, and almost as harsh on the herpers who love them. Billy over at Philly Herping has come through with a fantastic lineup of posts from a variety of contributors. This is just the thing we need to soothe our aching winter doldrums. Please check out HoH#15, “Hold onto your long johns! It’s time for the February House of HERPS!” -you’ll be glad you did.

The calendar is wide open from here – please let us know which month YOU would like to host!

Hello. AJ here. Busy-as-a-bee Amber asked me if I’d fill in for she and Jason on this month’s introduction duty. After she grudgingly handed over a pile of cash, I agreed.

Mirth Cay’s presentation of the 14th edition of the House of Herps carnival is now up at her Humble Abode Encompassed by an Actually-Rather-Insignificant Cluster of Trees blog. As the submissions are apparently grouped by type of hallucination – auditory, tactile, olfactory, visual, and gustatory – I’m assuming they have something to do with the range of narcotic effects induced by licking the secretions from the various subjects’ bodies. Additionally, the…what? Oh.

Joy K., on her Little House in the Not-So-Big Woods blog, has presented House of Herps #14 with a theme involving the five senses. Basing her categorization on the dominant sensation elicited by the photos and descriptions, Joy introduces each submission with a vivid fluency capable of transporting every reader to a similar state of experience.

(By the way, next month’s edition will be hosted by Philly Herping.)

This month’s HoH edition is hosted by Adrian Thysse of A Natural Evolution. Adrian has worked doubly hard as host by offering not one, but two versions of this month’s submissions. Well done, Adrian! When I skimmed the first of these two presentations, I quickly realized that the perfect person to dive in and come out with the perfect intro was…in the other room. Some of you may remember AJ, of AIF #2 fame, who penned that presentation at Birder’s Lounge. I invited her to do us all the honor of introducing Adrian’s dual edition, and she knocked it out of the park. Without further delay, I give you AJ’s intro to HoH #12:

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What in the…House of Herps ??? After finally convincing me that she and Jason weren’t running some sort of online support group for Valtrex users, Amber asked if I would mind writing this month’s intro for the twelfth edition of the aforementioned blog carnival.

This month, ultra-prolific blogger/photographer Adrian Thysse volunteered to host the event. Upon beginning the reading, one may jump to the conclusion they’re about to delve into a Da Vinci Code-like experience. Well, let me just say: nope, you’re not. Oh, sure, there are some commonalities – alternative biblical stories, the potential to tick off the Pope, etc. – but ultimately, one distinct difference will dominate the comparison: unlike Dan Brown, Adrian is a talented writer.

I strongly suggest you READ Adrian’s post. If you skim, or merely glance over the key words, you’ll miss out on an extremely clever piece of work and, possibly – if you’re an avid reader of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (and, really, who isn’t?) – be given the impression that frogs, snakes, lizards, and salamanders are engaging in a pathological attention-seeking behavior in which they intentionally hurt themselves.

Adrian has written two versions:

Choose Version A if you’re a heathen.

Choose Version B if you’re hoping to be allowed into heaven.

Whatever version you select, I guarantee you’ll enjoy all of the entertaining herpetological offerings.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

AJ, thank you for this irreverent and intellectual intro – a perfect match for Adrian’s dual edition of HoH #12.

HoH #13 will return to the House of Herps home site, and will be hosted by Amber Coakley (me!) I have planned to host this edition since HoH #1, to take a look back on the first year of this celebration of amphibian and reptile life. I have some neat plans for #13, so be sure to send in your posts.

Your blog or website, if you have one.