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Submissions are due by the 15th of the month.

Our Contact Form is the easiest way to submit or sign up to host.

You can also send submissions to: submissions [at] houseofherps [dot] com

...and volunteer to host an upcoming HoH at: hosting [at] houseofherps [dot] com

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February is a harsh time of year for our cold-blooded friends, and almost as harsh on the herpers who love them. Billy over at Philly Herping has come through with a fantastic lineup of posts from a variety of contributors. This is just the thing we need to soothe our aching winter doldrums. Please check out HoH#15, “Hold onto your long johns! It’s time for the February House of HERPS!” -you’ll be glad you did.

The calendar is wide open from here – please let us know which month YOU would like to host!

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