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This month’s HoH edition is hosted by Adrian Thysse of A Natural Evolution. Adrian has worked doubly hard as host by offering not one, but two versions of this month’s submissions. Well done, Adrian! When I skimmed the first of these two presentations, I quickly realized that the perfect person to dive in and come out with the perfect intro was…in the other room. Some of you may remember AJ, of AIF #2 fame, who penned that presentation at Birder’s Lounge. I invited her to do us all the honor of introducing Adrian’s dual edition, and she knocked it out of the park. Without further delay, I give you AJ’s intro to HoH #12:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

What in the…House of Herps ??? After finally convincing me that she and Jason weren’t running some sort of online support group for Valtrex users, Amber asked if I would mind writing this month’s intro for the twelfth edition of the aforementioned blog carnival.

This month, ultra-prolific blogger/photographer Adrian Thysse volunteered to host the event. Upon beginning the reading, one may jump to the conclusion they’re about to delve into a Da Vinci Code-like experience. Well, let me just say: nope, you’re not. Oh, sure, there are some commonalities – alternative biblical stories, the potential to tick off the Pope, etc. – but ultimately, one distinct difference will dominate the comparison: unlike Dan Brown, Adrian is a talented writer.

I strongly suggest you READ Adrian’s post. If you skim, or merely glance over the key words, you’ll miss out on an extremely clever piece of work and, possibly – if you’re an avid reader of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (and, really, who isn’t?) – be given the impression that frogs, snakes, lizards, and salamanders are engaging in a pathological attention-seeking behavior in which they intentionally hurt themselves.

Adrian has written two versions:

Choose Version A if you’re a heathen.

Choose Version B if you’re hoping to be allowed into heaven.

Whatever version you select, I guarantee you’ll enjoy all of the entertaining herpetological offerings.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

AJ, thank you for this irreverent and intellectual intro – a perfect match for Adrian’s dual edition of HoH #12.

HoH #13 will return to the House of Herps home site, and will be hosted by Amber Coakley (me!) I have planned to host this edition since HoH #1, to take a look back on the first year of this celebration of amphibian and reptile life. I have some neat plans for #13, so be sure to send in your posts.

Your blog or website, if you have one.

10 Responses to “House of Herps #12: The Dual Edition”

  • Thanks AJ! When Amber said she was passing this on to you, my palms began to sweat.
    I was expecting a poke in the eye with a rusty mote…

    • AJ:

      Well, Adrian, if I were to actually administer that poke, I would no longer be able to engage in my one true talent: holding a grudge. The act would be cathartic enough that I’d be forced to forgive you for not participating the “An Inordinate Fondness” carnival I helped Amber with a few months back.

      • :)

        I’m hosting AIF in December. Looking forward to your contribution…

        • AJ, looks like you’ve got to bring your A game now!

        • AJ:

          MY contribution? Three highly unlikely events would all have to occur within a relatively short period of time for said contribution to appear: 1) Amber would let me, A “The Perpetual Klutz” J, borrow her camera, 2) with camera in hand, I would actually decide to photograph a bug, and 3)having taken such a photo, I decide to write something enlightening and educational about the bug. (The improbability should be reaching out and slapping everybody across the face here now.)

          • “I have a suggestion: use a crayon to sketch a beetle, scan it in, then write a haiku about it. Heck, draw one of Ted’s “acmaeodera carlota” creatures and you’ve already used eight of the required number of syllables!…You’re welcome.”

            Weird…I don’t know where that came form, I must be channeling someone…

  • I’m sure glad I came back and read the comments later, because this was almost (almost!) as entertaining as Adrian’s HoH edition!

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