That Sam-I-Am!
That Sam-I-Am!
I do like that Sam-I-Am.

Find herps galore, that’s what he can.
That’s why I like that Sam-I-Am.

Do you like amphibians?

I do.
I do.
I really like amphibians.
But where are they, Sam-I-Am?
Where are the amphibians?

Over here, said Sam-I-Am.
And over here.
And over there.
You can find them everywhere.
You can find them if you care.

Say! I like all those amphibians.
I do! I like them, Sam-I-Am.
I would like them in the rain.
I would like them on a train.
I would like them here and there.
I would like them anywhere.

But what of snakes, Sam-I-Am?
Are they just like amphibians?
Easy to find and easy to see?
From on the ground or in a tree?

Snakes are here.
Snakes are there.
Silly man for asking where!
To find some snakes, just stop and stare!

You could find snakes in a boat.
You could find snakes with a goat.

And in the dark. And in a tree.
They’re easy to find, don’t you see?

Lizards, too, Sam-I-Am?
Just like the amphibians?
Just like all those snakes you found?
Lizards, too, on tree or ground?

Of course, my friend, lizards, too.
Now watch your step. Watch your shoe.
Easy to see on a tree.
On a fence.
On the ground.
You’ll scare them away if you make a sound.

But easy to find and fun to see.
Lizards are great, don’t we agree?

Oh, I agree, Sam-I-Am.
You really are the herping man.
Now one last quest I ask of you.
Can you find a gator too?

Neither hide nor hair did I see.
When looking for one for you and me.
Walked in the water.
Walked through the trees.
But finding a gator depends on who sees.

Too bad about that, Sam-I-Am.
But I really liked the amphibians.
And I liked the snakes.
And lizards, too.
Herping is better when I’m with you.

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