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While researching a large black predatory fly in 2009, I stumbled upon a blog called Beetles in the Bush. With such a blog name, who was this expert capable of telling me about killer flies? Beetles were his game from what I could tell.

Yet I was to be subsequently wowed and awed by a man who specialized in entomology but who also demonstrated a profound expertise with nature as a whole, someone passionate about learning and passionate about sharing what he knew.

And he’s passionate about the nature blogging community, too.

Ted MacRae first dipped into carnival hosting with an auspicious rendition of Berry Go Round. Plants? From a beetle guy? Yep. And it was a great edition indeed.

Now he’s venturing further from his beloved beetles with an exceptional presentation of House of Herps. This is one really smart festival that shouldn’t be missed. Please head on over to House of Herps #2 for a veritable feast of eye candy and information. And don’t forget to tip the waiter.

2 Responses to “House of Herps #2”

  • Teamwork, I tell you!

    “Profound expertise with nature as a whole” – high praise, indeed. Others have characterized it as “inability to focus” :)

    I appreciate your very kind words, and even more the wonderful support and assistance that you and Amber have given me during these past few months. Some bloggers are just destined to find each other.

  • “Some bloggers are just destined to find each other.”

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