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Submissions are due by the 15th of the month.

Our Contact Form is the easiest way to submit or sign up to host.

You can also send submissions to: submissions [at] houseofherps [dot] com

...and volunteer to host an upcoming HoH at: hosting [at] houseofherps [dot] com

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The deadline for submitting to the second edition of House of Herps is fast approaching. You should have your entries to Ted MacRae of Beetles in the Bush no later than January 15 if you want to be included. He’ll kick off the festivities a few days later.

Please either send your entries to submissions [AT] houseofherps [DOT] com or send them directly to Ted using his handy-dandy contact form.

I have friends who want to participate. Here’s one of them, a male green anole (Anolis carolinensis) who’s been grabbing as much sun as he can before bitter temperatures set in later this week.

He’s hoping you have some friends who also want to join in. Send along your entries before the 15th, and we’ll plan to see you at Ted’s place for the next cold-blooded convention!

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