HoH May be about to get New Admins

This is just a short notice to let followers and contributors to House of Herps know that we may be about to put a new management team in place. The original carnival creators, Amber Coakley and Jason Hogle, have been unable to spend the time needed to serve the herp-loving, herp-blogging community for the past several months. Amber will be talking with two people who have stepped forward with an interest in helping out. Stay tuned!

Help with HoH Admin Needed!

There was a misunderstanding about the March 2011 HoH – apologies to all. Now it is time for the April edition, though truthfully, we had just one submission.

My good fortune with my “day job” has spelled misfortune for HoH promotion and administration. I’ve asked around a little bit for help, but so far everyone’s plate is pretty full.

I would like to open up the HoH admin functions to anyone with an interest and a desire to maintain the established content type and purpose. Please contact me via the contact form if you are interested.


HoH#15 is up at Philly Herping!

February is a harsh time of year for our cold-blooded friends, and almost as harsh on the herpers who love them. Billy over at Philly Herping has come through with a fantastic lineup of posts from a variety of contributors. This is just the thing we need to soothe our aching winter doldrums. Please check out HoH#15, “Hold onto your long johns! It’s time for the February House of HERPS!” -you’ll be glad you did.

The calendar is wide open from here – please let us know which month YOU would like to host!…

Hold onto your long johns its time for

Hold onto your long johns! It’s time for the February House of HERPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If those exclamation points seem a little labored, if it appears that I am using happy punctuation a little too heavily, well, you’ve seen right through my lame attempt to dance around, to obfuscate, certainly avoid, and maybe even to circumvent the unavoidable, monolithic, painful (like icicles boring under my toenails) theme of this HOH: the frigid cruelty of the meanest month of the year, February.

I have read that the coldest time of the year tends to be the last couple weeks of January and the first couple weeks of February. Remember that we are past the winter solstice, people. The days are already getting longer, but the days are also getting colder? Does that sound fair to you?

February brings us to the ends of our respective ropes; we’ve put up with winter for …

House of Herps – The 1st Anniversary Edition

The very first edition of House of Herps was hosted last December, right here at the home site. This first year has enjoyed steady participation, with 52 contributors sharing their pictures, experiences and knowledge about this diverse group of animals. It has been a fun and rewarding experience to help bring it all together, and we look forward to another year of HoH!

This 1st Anniversary Edition of HoH is punctuated with a brand new look for the home site, and two new badges:

This badge was made with the help of Ted MacRae’s  photo of a beautiful Timber Rattler (Crotalus horridus). Ted blogs at Beetles in the Bush, and is the creator of An Inordinate Fondness (AIF), a carnival dedicated to Beetles.

This badge is a mini version of the new header, featuring an American Alligator (Alligator mississippiensis).

The makeover of the home site …